Darwin College Research Reports - Archive Policy

Legal liability and IP warranty

Authors must warrant that there are no copyright or other intellectual property restrictions on the material they publish, and that the material does not include any content that is defamatory or otherwise liable to cause legal injury. Views expressed in archived research publications are those of the authors, not of Darwin College. If any archived publication is believed not to comply with these conditions, the Archive Editor should be notified immediately.

File formats

Present policy is that all publications in the Archive must be in Adobe PDF format. Conversion of Microsoft Word or LaTeX/PostScript files into PDF is a routine procedure, however the Archive Editor is able to assist with this if authors have any difficulty. Please try to ensure (adjusting image compression settings if necessary) that file size of individual documents is less than 20 Mbytes.

Author contact address

As a condition of publication, all authors must register for the (free) lifetime email address available to Cambridge alumni at "cantab.net". This address will be the main point of contact for readers wishing to correspond with the author, as well as any issues regarding management of that publication within the archive.

Updates to archived publications

This is a permanent archive of dated works, and it is not expected that content will be updated or modified after publication. Requests to correct errors in archive publications should be addressed to the Archive Editor.

Archive Editor

The Archive Editor, during this introductory period, will be the College Information Architect (Alan.Blackwell@cl.cam.ac.uk)

Policy review

This archive was established in September 2005. In September 2010, the above policy will be reviewed by the Darwin College Computer Committee. At that review, closure to new submissions will be considered as an option. If the archive were to be closed to new submissions, it is the intention of the College that any publications already accepted at that point will be maintained indefinitely, alongside other permanent publication information on the Darwin College website such as archives of the Darwin College Lecture Series.



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