Finance Committee (Investments)

College Council (provisional date, if required)

Old Darwinians' Garden Party

Darwin College Society talk and lunch

'Music for a Summer Evening'

Darwin College Society Bumps Dinner

Alumni Reunion Dinner for years 1964-75 & 1984-1991

Darwin College Society Alumni and Fellows' Guest Night Dinner

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Education & Research Committee

Old Darwian's Garden Party

Governing Body - Annual Meeting

Combined Former Fellows Dinner & Formal Hall

Education & Research Committee

Combined DCS Dinner & Fellows' Guest Night

Cambridge Postgraduate Open Day

Finance Committee (Investments)

Education & Research Committee

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Education & Research Committee

DCBC Lent Bumps Supper (provisional)

Former Fellows' Buffet Lunch

Education & Research Committee

Reunion Dinner (1964-75 & 1984-1991)

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Supervisors' Evening 6 (if required)

Nominations Committee

Education & Research Committee

Combined Former Fellows Dinner & Guest Night

Finance Committeee (Investments)

General Admission (BA/LLM degrees)

DCS Bumps Event (provisional)

DCBC Bumps Supper (provisional)

Extreme Events and How to Live with Them

Reporting from Extreme Environments - Lyse Doucet, BBC

Extremes of the Universe - Professor Andy Fabian, University of Cambridge

Nominations Committee Meeting

College Photo (reserve date)

Darwin College Society - Sedgwick Museum

Django's phrenologist: science, slavery and the material culture of race, 1791-1863

Mindlines and the status of clinical knowledge-in-practice-in-context

Ivo Andric and the Dynamic Aspects of the Balkan Cultural Identity

The pursuit of elusive 'win-win' results for forests and people in Peru

Methodologies in Comparing Ancient Greek and Early Chinese Thought

Deportation and Promises not to Torture: The European Convention on Human Rights and Diplomatic Assurances

Interpreting Evolution: Darwin, Nietzsche, & Teilhard de Chardin

The Destruction of Cultural Property in War Zones: Comparing Value

Did a Frenchman translate the King James Bible?

HIV-1 vectors: How can you convert a pathogen to a therapeutic vehicle?

Digging deeper: What living athletes can tell us about behaviour in prehistory

How to commercialise your idea/research

Inside & Out Flight: aerodynamics and skeletal function during slow flight in birds

“Genetically” Modifying the Chemistry of Non-aqueous Lithium-air Batteries to Make It Closer to Reality

Energy storage: Probing ion dynamics at the nanoscale in supercapacitors

Reunion dinner in Canberra hosted by the Master

DCS Ascension Burial Ground & Cambridge Alphabet Museum

Darwin College Society 'Academy of Ancient Music'

Increasing functional versatility of proteins by regulated unfolding and exposing disordered regions

Glaciers, weathering and isotopes

Alumni Reunion Dinner Edinburgh

Different shades of yellow: Anti-Chinese sentiments in San Francisco, Singapore and Vladivostok

Sound devices in English word-formation: alliteration, rhyme, and sound symbolism

ISIS and the battle for the heart of the Middle East: Towards a non-state theory of war

Turing Test for Smart Materials

Sovereign debt, market sentiments and country solidarity

What role for the EU institutions during the Article 50 process

Extreme Ageing - Professor Sarah Harper, University of Oxford

Extreme Politics - Professor Matthew Goodwin, University of Kent

Extreme Rowing - Roz Savage, Ocean Rower

Dealing with Extremism - tbc

Extreme Risk Engineering - Professor Nassim N Taleb, New York

Extreme Weather - Dr Emily Shuckburgh, BAS

Reporting from Extreme Environments

A Pause in Peripheral Perspectives: Sergei Diaghilev’s 1898 Exhibition of Russian and Finnish Art

Regional identity and state formation in the ancient world: the case of Epirus

Designing Smart Software Engineering Tools with Machines Learning

Outstanding Puzzles for Predictive Coding Explanations of Delusions

How to… balance study/career and children

Can anti-cancer immunotherapeutics be repurposed to kill parasites?

What makes them tick? Understanding parasitism in the genomic era.

Beyond the battlefield – New Frontiers in Cancer Research

Neutrinos in Seven Questions

Alumni Reunion Dinner in Vancouver hosted by the Master

Alumni Reunion Dinner in San Francisco hosted by the Master

Alumni Reunion Dinner in Los Angeles hosted by the Master

Artificial Happiness and Machine Unintelligence

Change In China's Banking Sector as an Evolution of Institutions

The Brazilian Food-Energy-Water Nexus: policy integration challenges in a complex system

Values in science and classifying the chemical elements

Can we predict the course of Crohn's disease?

A Spatial Modeling Approach for Linguistic Object Data: Analysing dialect sound variations across Great-Britain

Characterization of Internet Censorship from Multiple Perspectives

Alumni and Fellows Guest Night

Education & Research Committee

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Information Services Committee

Finance Committee (Investments)

Education & Research Committee

Governing Body Annual Meeting

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Education & Research Committee

Cambridge Postgraduate Open Day

Information Services Committee

Education & Research Committee

General Admission (BA degrees)

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Education & Research Committee

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Information Services Committee

Education & Research Committee

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