From the laboratory to the market: how the results of scientific research are transformed into products on the market

Darwin College Sciences Group
Dr. Franz Wittwer, Strategic IP Manager, BIOTRONIK AG
Entertaining Room, Darwin College
Thursday, October 15, 2009 - 14:00 to 15:00

Scientific research can produce results that have commercial value. The process of converting the results of academic research into products on the market is a fascinating venture that requires the collaboration of people with legal, commercial and scientific expertise. Intellectual Property management lies at the heart of this process.
In my presentation, I will highlight some of the stages in the commercialisation of scientific research. The presentation will be based on my personal experience of biomedical research on the one hand and Intellectual Property management on the other. Examples used to illustrate the process will include a drug discovery start-up and a large medical device company.
The aim of the presentation will be to provide academics with insight into what happens once they have handed over the results of their research to the commercial sector.

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