Library Support

Library Office

The College employs two student librarians, who work in the Library Office located near the entrance of the Study Centre. They are in the office during the hours posted on the door and can be contacted by email out-with these hours (email . They will always be happy to help if you have queries about the library.

Student Librarian

Elaine Gray

Deputy Student Librarian

Jezebel Mansell

Fellow Librarian

Dr Ben Raynor

The Library Committee

The Library Committee is responsible for keeping the library running. If you would like to be involved, please contact the Fellow Librarian, Dr Ben Raynor at

On-line support

You can submit a query using the Darwin College Support System (choose Library Support as your Help Topic) or email the librarians ( 

Phone support

Librarian phone: 01223 (7)63547 
(People dialing will get a voicemail prompt if the phone isn't answered within a certain number of rings.)

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