Statement on the USS Dispute

March 2018

We the undersigned Fellows of Darwin College make the following statement in our personal capacities:

The disruption to education and research caused by the current dispute between UUK and UCU is deeply regrettable, and we exhort our employer institutions and the union to reach agreement as soon as possible. We call for greater transparency and due process in the consultations being undertaken and in the disclosing of the methodology used for modelling risk.

We note the interests and concerns of all the academic community and especially of younger academic staff who will be most affected by the changes proposed by Universities UK. Any settlement will only be acceptable if such interests and concerns are addressed as fully as possible.

We regard it as vital for the future health of British universities that the terms of academic employment, including pension provision, remain or are made fair and attractive, particularly in the context of the quest for talent in a global pool.

Professor Michael Akam
Dr Paul Anderson
Dr Sara Baker
Professor Alan Blackwell
Professor Carol Brayne
Dr Alexandra Brintrup
Professor Russell Cowburn
Dr Julia Davies
Dr Arthur Dudney
Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith
Dr David Friedman
Dr Adrian Grounds
Professor Jonathan Heeney
Dr Matthew Jones
Professor Martin Jones
Professor Fiona Karet
Dr Johannes  Knolle
Dr Torsten Krude
Dr Thomas Maguire
Dr Duncan Needham
Dr John Nilsson-Wright
Dr Robin Reuvers
Dr Paul Robertson
Dr Advait Sarkar
Dr Aylwyn Scally
Dr Jennifer Schooling
Dr KC Sivaramakrishnan
Dr Giancarlo Soavi
Dr Christine van Ruymbeke
Mr Samuel Venn
Dr Daniel Weiss
Mr Julius Weitzdorfer
Professor Eric Wolff

22 March 2018

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