Poster Display Policy

1.  This policy arises out this Risk Assessment conducted as part of the College’s PREVENT duty under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2011 and aim to formalise the current mitigation of the risk of terrorist, extremist or otherwise offensive material being displayed.[1]

2.  No poster should be displayed on a College notice board without it first being approved as appropriate by the Domestic Bursar[2], who will initial the rear of any material to indicate approval.

3.  Posters, fliers and other material for display delivered to the Porters’ Lodge should be retained by the porters until such time as the material is approved by the Domestic Bursar, who should initial and date the back of the material.

4. The Housekeeping staff is responsible for monitoring hostel notice boards.  Any potentially inappropriate material should be reported to the Domestic Bursar in order for the suitability of the material to be confirmed.

5.  If the Domestic Bursar is unsure as to the status of the material then he should consult the PREVENT Lead (who may decide to call an ad hoc meeting of the PREVENT Committee either in person or by email) in order to agree a decision.

6. In the event material is not displayed or removed from display:

  a.  the material should be retained and brought to the next PREVENT Committee and included in the Committee’s Annual Report; and

  b.  if the material was posted or asked to be posted by a member of the College then the individual will be notified to the PREVENT Committee in order for the Committee to consider further action in accordance with its advice, support, intervention and referral procedures; or

  c.  if the material was posted or asked to be posted then the PREVENT Committee will consider action in accordance with its information sharing and liaison protocols.

7.  It is emphasised that this policy does not restrict freedom of speech and that only offensive material will be retained or removed from display.

[1] For clarity, material should be criminal in nature and be contrary to legislation including but not limited to the Terrorism Act 2000, the Equality and Diversity Act 2010 and the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2011 and any associated secondary legislation or guidance.
[2] In the Domestic Bursar’s absence the Bursar or the PREVENT Lead should be consulted before the material is displayed.

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